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When the place holding the US government’s financial secrets – Building Seven - is destroyed, the fuse is lit on a fateful chain of events. The Font, the keeper of the data, is in a desperate bid to find a new facility to house the secrets. Morgan, a CIA agent, is chasing his own destiny and fighting to be the power behind the throne. Benwell, a master thief, wanting to prove he can cut it with the best and his son frantically trying to find his father. A Private Investigator, the FBI and CIA all want answers and so does the President! It’s about trust but who can you trust when everyone has a

Carl started writing some 7 years ago, when after a particularly vivid dream, he felt compelled to write it down. This story developed into his first book, The Central Park Legacy.

He is intrigued by historical facts and quirks of fate. For instance, his second book, The Mona Lisas, is based on the fact that the Leonard Da Vinci’s famous painting, Mona Lisa, went ‘missing’ from the Louvre in Paris, in 1911 and was returned two years later. No one asked what happened to it during this hiatus. Was it copied? Was it the original that was returned? It is this ‘what if’ factor has created the scenario for the book.

There is a rich seam of industrial heritage in and around the Birmingham area of England which sparked off the third book, Gold. Carl weaves a magical story around the Lunar Society, a gathering of luminaries such as James Watt, Matthew Boulton and Erasmus Darwin (Charles Darwin’s grandfather), who attempt to test an ancient secret formula which could have created vast wealth for the individuals concerned as well as the nation and its impact on the current day.

The latest book, Hidden Agenda, is set in the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy, in particular when Building Seven came down and the possible chain of events that it could have triggered.

Carl has created two Private Detectives, on either side of the Atlantic, to solve these riddles. Julie Johnson based in New York City and Charlie Edwards in Lichfield, Staffordshire.

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